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Lifestyle & Heritage Co. is honoured to stock a range of Victorinox Apparel, carefully selected to appeal to our customers, and absolutely in-keeping with our tradition of representing renowned brands which exude quality, heritage and uniqueness.
The Victorinox/Swiss Army clothing range captures the nature and heritage of the brand beautifully, down to each detail. 
The brand has at its core the Swiss Army knife, on which the Victorinox clothing collection is designed.
As an official Victorinox/Swiss Army stockist, we are committed to the highest standards of service. 
We are pleased to offer all guarantees and warranty support in-house.
Victorinox Almont 3.0 Deluxe Laptop Backpack

Victorinox Altmont™ 3.0. Deluxe Backpack; a dual-compartment backpack with both a padded laptop pocket and a tablet pocket.

Was: £124.00
Now: £95.00 Sale
Victorinox Almont 3.0 Laptop Backpack

The Victorinox Altmont™ 3.0. Laptop Backpack is a lightweight carry-all that's built to get you, your accessories, your laptop and your laptop's accessories out into the world. 

Victorinox Almont 3.0 Vertical-Zip Laptop Backpack

This ultra-spacious backpack is ready to carry all the gear you need for your next everyday adventure.

Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Flapover Drawstring Laptop Backpack

Victorinox Altmont™ 3.0 Flapover Drawstring Laptop Backpack, ready for everyday adventures big and small. Its slim design and expandable main compartment make this backpack your perfect companion. 


Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Flapover Expandable Laptop Backpack

When all you need is everything to be productive, then all you need is your Altmont™ 3.0. Flapover Laptop Backpack. It's got room for everything digital – laptop, tablet, accessories.

Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Flapover Monosling Backpack

If you're going to reach out and grab life, you better keep your hands free. That's why we created the Altmont™ 3.0. Dual-Compartment Monosling Backpack.

Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Standard Backpack

The Altmont™ 3.0. Standard Backpack is your simple, easy, tough, reliable, no-nonsense, go-to, everyday, carry-all backpack. It has room for all your essentials, and it's always at your service.

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Corbusier' Laptop Backpack 14"

Make every day an adventure with the Victorinox Architecture Urban Corbusier laptop backpack. Be fully equipped with your laptop, tablet and files safely stored over your shoulders. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Dufour' 3-Way 13 Laptop Pack

The Victorinox Dufour 3-Way Pack is stylish in multiple dimensions. It's an expandable, three-way laptop pack, which means you can stow your laptop and a whole lot more. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Dunant' Essential Tote

If staying stylish is part of how you get the job done, you need a compact daily-carry bag like the Victorinox Dunant Essentials Tote. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Lombard' Mini Laptop Messenger

The Victorinox Lombard, a simple yet robust messenger with room for your tablet, eReader or small laptop. It'll keep everything under control and stay out of your way.

Was: £120.00
Now: £119.00 Sale
Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Rappard' Satchel W/Expansion

The Victorinox Rappard Satchel is a lightweight and stylish companion, no matter what happens. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Rath' Slim Backpack 17"

The Victorinox Rath Slim Backpack is ideal for everyday use, whether your everyday is at the office or travelling the world. With room for your laptop, eReader and so much more.

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Rousseau' Fold Top Duffel

In the Victorinox Rousseau, you'll find a multipurpose, roll-top bag that serves as the perfect companion for a day out or an overnight excursion. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Voltaire' Tote/Backpack

There's a wealth of style and functionality in the Victorinox Voltaire Tote / Backpack. Whether you use it as a bag or wear it as a backpack, the Voltaire is the companion you've been looking for. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Wilson' iPad Crossbody Bag

The Victorinox Wilson has a style all its own. It's your minimalist companion, and it's got your iPad, tablet or eReader under control. 

Victorinox Extra Large Duffel Bag

The latest travel duffel bag from the latest Victorinox Lifestyle Accessories collection.

Victorinox Lexicon Lasalle 15.6'' Laptop Briefcase

Travel smart with the LaSalle 15 laptop brief. Made for the modern professional, it holds all you need in a slim and elegant design.

Victorinox Lexicon Professional™ Bellevue 15 Laptop Business Backpack (15.6'')

Part of the new Lexicon Professional range is Bellevue 15, a 15.6'' laptop backpack with a large zippered storage pocket and two multipurpose zip-away side pockets.

Victorinox Lexicon Professional™ Bellevue 17 Laptop Business Backpack (17'')

Part of the new Lexicon Professional range is Bellevue 17, a 17'' laptop backpack with two quick-access front pockets, large zippered storage pocket and two zip-away side pockets.

Victorinox Lexicon Professional™ Century Expandable Wheeled 15.6" Laptop Case

Part of the new Lexicon Professional range is Century Vertical, a expandable wheeled 15.6" laptop case with a clothing storage compartment that opens up flat and features full-length zippered pocket and mesh pocket.



Victorinox Lexicon Professional™ Century Expandable Wheeled Laptop Case (15.6'')

Part of the new Lexicon Professional range is Century, a expandable wheeled 15.6" laptop case with a clothing storage compartment that opens up flat and features a large mesh pocket.

Victorinox Lexicon Professional™ Shenton Wheeled Laptop Case

Part of the new Lexicon Professional range is Shenton, a overnight wheeled 14'' laptop case with a clothing storage compartment that opens up flat for easy packing and features a large mesh pocket.

Victorinox Lexicon™ Weekender Deluxe Carry-on

Weekends are short – and time flies when you're having fun. So make the most of Saturday and Sunday by making a faster getaway with the Weekender tote bag.

Was: £165.00
Now: £154.00 Sale
Victorinox Lifestyle Travel Accessories 4.0 Adventure Traveler with RFID Protection

Make your everyday adventures as exciting as possible while keeping your essentials well organised and perfectly safe. The Adventure Traveller is an over-the-shoulder bag that's perfect for a day trip. 

Victorinox Lifestyle Travel Accessories 4.0 Gear Sling with RFID Protection

The Victorinox Gear Sling is a monosling bag built specifically to keep your digital devices in check while you're out there enjoying the analog world. 

Victorinox Lifestyle Travel Accessories 4.0 Vertical Deluxe Travel Companion

The Victorinox Vertical Deluxe Travel Companion allows for maximum comfort and versatility on any day trip. 

Victorinox Werks Professional 'Associate' Laptop Backpack

The Victorinox Associate backpack is designed for the professional who wants to stay on the move without compromising on performance.

Victorinox Werks Professional 'Consultant' Laptop Messenger

Why settle for one device if you can easily pack two? The Victorinox Consultant messenger bag is perfect for the modern professional.

Victorinox Werks Professional 'Entrepreneur' 15 Laptop Backpack

Designed and built for the professional on the go, the Victorinox Entrepreneur backpack is ready to take your 15.6 inch laptop, your tablet and everything else you need for another successful adventure in the business world. 

About Victorinox:
In 1884, the Swiss pioneer Karl Elsener founded a cutler’s workshop. A short time later, he paved the way for an unparalleled company history by developing the now legendary Original Swiss Army Knife.
In addition to pocket, household and professional knives, today the independent family company Victorinox also produces and sells timepieces, travel gear, fashion and fragrances all over the world. Each product is an expression of Swiss quality and Swiss pioneering spirit. 
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