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Aeronautica inspires our examples in this range; featuring vintage brands and styles from across the world. Our range includes vintage flight bags and flying jackets. You don't have to fly to appreciate the nostalgia afforded by this unique aviation clothing. We're especially proud of our sheepskin flying jackets.


Aeronautica offers a unique twist on clothing, and aviation logos are some of the most memorable, and interesting. 

Heydon Sheepskin Aviator Trapper Hat

Our sought-after Heydon Sheepskin Hat is an Aviator finished sheepskin flying hat to keep you snug during cold spells. 

Was: £49.00
Now: £44.00 Sale
MA-1 Leather Flight Jacket

Our superb MA1 leather jacket with the classic orange silk-type lining which is as per the original USAF MA-1 design requirement.  

Newton Sheepskin Trapper Hat

Our new Newton Sheepskin Trapper Hat Aviator finished sheepskin flying hat to help you brave the elements.

Was: £49.00
Now: £44.00 Sale
Shelford Aviator Sheepskin Trapper Hat

Our sought-after Shelford Sheepskin Hat is an Aviator finished sheepskin flying hat to keep you snug during cold spells, with added aviator-style detailing. 

Was: £49.00
Now: £44.00 Sale

You don't have to be a pilot to be lifted off the ground with our range of aviation-inspired leisurewear. We take classic, nostalgic aviation themes and blend them with the very finest clothing available.

In all cases, our aviation clothing is produced by small manufacturers who preserve aviation heritage in their respective countries. We specialise in aviation apparel from the USA, Canada, and Great Britain, and celebrate wartime classics, as well as manufacturers like Cessna, and Boeing; legends in their own right. 

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