Simmons-Bilt RAF Sheepskin Flying Jacket

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MSRP: £650.00
Free 2-3 Day Delivery on orders over £50. Next-day delivery available. (Free 2-3 Day Delivery on orders over £50. Next-day delivery available.)
 Simmons-Bilt RAF sheepskin flying jacket is one of the most finely tailored
sheepskin jackets available, hand-made in Selkirk, Scotland.
Our Simmons-Bilt RAF Sheepskin Flying Jacket is closely based on the original designed by Leslie Irvin and first
produced in 1931.
For the perfect fit, we will email you a simple size form - simply send us some basic measurements and your personal-
issue Simmons Bilt Jacket will be put into immediate production!
Don't worry we will always send a confirmation email prior to creating your tailored jacket. We will email you a size-chart.
Full Description:
The Simmons-Bilt RAF Sheepskin Flying Jacket is constructed from the highest quality 25mm North American sheepskin
with an authentic ginger finish. Seams are overlocked and then bound with russet leather trim. Also features authentic
zippers and belt buckle together with 8 hole underarm vents.
As with all Simmons-Bilt the attention to detail is key. These military sheepskins are individually handcrafted by a
specialist sheepskin artisan in Scotland, who have over 20 years experience of not only re-creating the originals but also
restoring all types of original military sheepskins of the era. 
If your sheepskin jacket purchased from Lifestyle & Heritage Co ever needs attention, we will be delighted to facilitate this
and carry out repairs on your very special article. 
Sheepskin Thickness Approx 25mm (other thicknesses available at additional cost of £45
Tailoring information:
Each jacket is hand-crafted by an artisan with over 20 years' experience in leathercraft.
Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of your tailor-made jacket.
Upon receipt of your order, we will email you a size chart to complete so that the jacket can be made for the perfect fit.
Please select a rough chest size from the menu for the purpose of submitting your order online. 
If the pride of owning a unique piece is important to you, we would recommend a Simmons-Bilt jacket to anyone looking
to invest in high-quality authentic leathers that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.
About Simmons-Bilt:
'Hand-made in Selkirk' is the tagline of this established leather jacket creator. Labour-intensive, each jacket is hand-
made in Selkirk. The company specialises in re-creating classic jackets from bygone eras, using the very finest materials
Originally established in California in the early 1900's, Simmons Bilt created some iconic leather jackets that today are
very rare to find.
The newly branded Simmons Bilt Clothing Company, now established in Scotland, combines the spirit of heritage and
authenticity using traditional craftsmanship, a tip of the hat to the artisans of old.
Simmons-Bilt selects only the highest quality hides available, looking for authenticity, durability, strength, unique
characteristics, leather that will achieve a rich patina with age and mould to the wearers shape over time. They prefer
leathers that have been created in tanneries that have history, traditions and craftsmanship that have been handed down
over generations, we usually find these tanneries tend to produce a far superior leather product, exceptional high quality
and full of character.
All of our garments are hand-made from scratch. Typically we are able to send out garments within two weeks from
ordering. We will ensure the perfect fit is achieved by asking just a few straightforward questions.
You do not need to be an expert tailor to order!
After-sales: We provide after-sales assistance on all of our Simmons-Bilt jackets, including adjustment as necessary.
Returns Information: We will accept a return of a custom jacket if it is shown to have a defect, (natural characteristics in
the leather are not classed as defects), there has been a production error or there is an unacceptable margin between
the measurements provided against the finished garment measurements.
Repair Guarantee: We provide full after-sales assistance on all of our Simmons-Bilt jackets, including
adjustment as necessary. Sensible repairs can be carried out throughout ownership.
Custom jackets will incur an extra charge for pattern work, additional raw material and labour costs.
Price will be quoted prior to production.
Question. What is considered a custom jacket?
Answer. Anything that is not standard Simmons Bilt. This includes:
Change of standard measurements eg. body length, sleeve length.
Change of pocket configuration.
Non standard linings, zippers and buckles
Standard Jackets can be returned in line with our normal returns policy. 
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Lifetime Guarantee - we will carry out repairs to your jacket. 

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Andreas, 29/09/15

I received my jacket a few minutes ago and what can I say...

I'm totally flashed, my dream came true. Absolutely perfect look and fit.

So many thanks to you guys from Simmons Bilt, especially to you for your friendly and patiently contact and to Moira for the great job.

A pic will follow after I'm back from my business trip to China.

Reviewed by Bradley, 12/08/15

Absolutely and completely stunning.

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