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Another carefully selected brand at Lifestyle and Heritage Co! 

Anatomic don't just make shoes, they make people feel more sociable, by producing comfortable shoes that give them

the fit and freedom they want.



"Here at Anatomic & Co, we specialise in high quality, handmade men's shoes for all occasions.

We take the very best of refined British style and the latest Brazilian shoe making technology to bring you some of the

finest footwear money can buy.


We offer both formal and casual shoes in a variety of classic and contemporary designs. From lace-ups, brogues and

loafers to moccasins, Chelsea boots and sandals, you really are spoilt for choice."

Editor's Note: About Anatomic

Moema and Joao, Anatomic co-founders, hail from Franca, one of Brazil’s biggest footwear production cities. They moved to England 15 years ago, bringing a heritage of shoe-making, a background of technological innovation and an appreciation of fine quality… which is why they were shocked by what they found.

This is how and why Anatomic & Co started.


"We’d go into men’s shoe shops and see so much rubbish, it was unbelievable. You’d either find something very cheap or very expensive: there was nothing really in the middle.


We knew there was a niche market with a guy looking for quality but not wanting to spend everything in the bank. We knew that guy because we were that guy - the type that really liked quality, soft leathers and spending a bit more for shoes that would last."


Every single pair of shoes and boots is 100% hand-crafted by highly skilled professional shoemakers using the finest Brazilian materials. However, the real secret to comfort lies in the way our shoes are made and what they’re made of, based on our unique Anatomic Gel Technology® formula for natural foot movement.


About Anatomic Gel Technology

"Our men’s shoes are so incredibly comfortable to wear because of our Anatomic Gel Technology®, developed through 25 years of research."

Anatomic Gel Technology isn’t just about what our soles are made of (which is an exclusive, top secret recipe, just like Coca-Cola’s is), but about how the whole shoe is made. 

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