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In Scandinavia we are influenced by the seasons. Darkness caves into light when spring arrives. The cold replaces warmth for a short period. The colours alter, sounds change and Mother Earth fills with fragrances.

This is where we gather inspiration – directly from our nature. Over thousands of years nature has influenced human beings and our preferences. Positive, warm sensations of pleasure, safety and appreciation affects us immediately, and we tend to refer to it as a “gut feeling”.

Trusting it tends to lead us to the right decisions. Shepherd Home is about accepting the gut feeling and creating space for well-being and harmony in the home as well. Our origin provides inspiration to us for new products and collections.

Our material is sheepskin, perfectly adapted to our seasons and with qualities which have encouraged humans to use it for thousands of years. A feeling you can try to describe, but needs to be experienced to understand. This is exactly what real sheepskin is about – 100% experience

Shepherd Sweden 'Jill' Sheepskin Stool/Seat Cover

Gorgeous Swedish sheepskin cushions from Shepherd of Sweden. Even the simplest environment gets an inviting and luxurious touch with these covers.



Sheepskin is a fantastic material. As soon as you start

decorating or slip your feet into sheepskin slippers, we know you’ll be amazed.

Sheepskin has a natural beauty and can be combined with all materials and colours. It has a lot of practical advantages

as well: it’s warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s warm and keeps the warmth even if it’s wet. What’s more, sheepskin has

anti-bacterial qualities and is dirt-repellent. Utilising your sheepskin in a baby buggy or favourite armchair not only looks

good, but is practical, too.

Furthermore, a room decorated with our sheep wool products

provides not only a warm and cosy feel, but also has natural

sound-absorbing qualities


Four Reasons to Go with Shepherd

C L I N I C S : Sheepskin is not just any material. We are

always more than happy to visit your store to fully explain the

benefits to you and your customers. 



D E S I G N : To be able to meet different styles and trends, we offer a product mix of timeless classics and exciting new



E N V I R O N M E N T: We only buy skins from suppliers who can guarantee they meet our very strict animal welfare

standards also including mulesing-free sheep farming


P R O D U C T I O N : Be it in our own factory or our European partners’, quality is always under close control and

enables us to offer quick deliveries.

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