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ful is a new brand with a celebrity following, created by Justin Timberlake. "ful have a bunch of things that bring us

joy: the perfect pair of denim, Monty Python, eating at Gus'... but two things make us ecstatic... designing bags and

listening to music. Yes, life would be boring without bags and bass guitar."


We specialize in bags, backpacks and travel gear. Period. Ask us about tension straps and back-paneling, or maybe

the capacity of a split-case duffel, we will talk your ear off. We may even get a little emotional. Our motto is, "Create

quality bags with a fashion edge." We want you to feel just a little cooler using our gear.

FUL Alliance 3 Piece Nested Luggage Set (Black)

The new FUL Alliance soft-side luggage series, sophisticated style with uncompromising durability.

FUL FLX 71 cm Hybrid Rolling Duffel Bag

FUL Flx Hybrid Rolling Duffel Bag combines the ample storage of a duffle bag with the convenience of a rolling luggage suitcase


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