Our experiences make us who we are; ours helped us start a business.

No two journeys are the same.  We began our journey in 2011 when our founder, Min Lane, grew tired of hunting

for the perfect leather bag. Back then, if you were looking for a leather bag that was affordable, beautifully crafted

and functional enough to carry all life’s essentials, you’d be lucky to find something that came remotely close.  

So Min designed some herself and Niche Lane was born.  


Min met Richard in 2013, and together they embarked

on their first journey together.  In just a short time, the brand has gone from strength to strength. We’re now

thrilled to be stocked by a range of boutique stores, in the UK and beyond.

Niche Lane set out to create beautiful, high quality luxury leather bags without the luxury price-tag.  By focusing

on both style and function and only using premium leather with fine craftsmanship, we’ve won fans all over the

world.  It just goes to show what can happen when you let your experiences guide you.