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Look at the top of your game, and save time and money... 

Besides your suit, nothing exudes professionalism like the bag into which you entrust the vital tools of your business. Intrinsic

to a  hand-made, premium leather briefcase is a desire for quality, and a fondness for elegant, finely-made goods crafted in

natural materials. Shunning the mainstream, they enable the owner to stand out from the ordinary and sea of black PVC.


Enjoy the elegant accent of Made in Tuscany products, combined with a robustness which will serve a business lifetime

without the hassle and costs of constant replacements. 


All Tuscany Leather products are designed to perfectly compliment business attire and ensure you arrive looking 

at the top of your game. 

Tuscany Leather 'Alessandria' Leather Briefcase (Laptop Compartment)

Hand-made in Tuscany, this is our superior Tuscany Leather 'Alessandria' leather laptop briefcase.

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Tuscany Leather 'San Gimignano' Leather Briefcase 2-CPT

Hand-made in Tuscany, this is our superior Tuscany Leather 'San Gimignano' leather briefcase.

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