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Victorinox Altius 3.0 at Lifestyle & Heritage Co.

Shop this latest Victorinox luggage collection and benefit from in-house product expertise and warranty support.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 'Amsterdam' Leather Wallet

The Victorinox Altius 3.0 Amsterdam wallet is perfect for city hoppers. 

Victorinox Altius 3.0 'Innsbruck' Pebbled Leather Wallet

It's almost unbelievable how many things you're able to put into a wallet as slim as the Victorinox Innsbruck. 

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Antwerp Leather Wallet

The Antwerp Wallet is designed with room for exactly what you need and nothing you don't.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Athens Leather Wallet

You'll always be prepared when crossing a border or entering your commuter train, while all your essentials are hidden away discreetly.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Barcelona Leather Wallet

The Barcelona Wallet gives you the ideal amount of organisation and enables quick and easy access to all of your essential items. 

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Edge Appolonios Leather Wallet

Security is built into the design DNA of the sleek new Altius Edge Appolonios.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Edge Cardano Leather Wallet

A wallet, just not as you know it. Introducing the Altius Edge Cardano: the perfect fusion of detail-driven design and security-smart technology.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Edge Euler Leather Wallet

Switched on in terms of style and seriously street-smart: introducing our new Altius Edge Euler.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Edge Fermat Leather Wallet

Where intricate detailing meets directional design: make our Altius Edge Fermat your new compact card- and cash-carrying go-to. 

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Edge Leibnitz Leather Wallet

This wallet has the edge, in every sense.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Edge Napier Leather Wallet

As its name denotes, the new Altius Edge Napier is cutting-edge, both in terms of its design and technological innovation.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Edge Peano Leather Wallet

Because global business travellers need accessories they can rely on.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Edge Pythagoras Leather Wallet

Detailed design and cutting-edge functionality fuse in exceptional style in the new Altius Edge Pythagoras.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Edge Zenon Leather Wallet

Meet the Altius Edge Zenon: sophisticated in style and security alike.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Grenoble Leather Wallet

It's a classic wallet with a twist – a 90 degree twist, that is.

Victorinox Altius 3.0 Innsbruck Black Leather Wallet

It's almost unbelievable how many things you're able to put into a wallet as slim as the Innsbruck. 

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