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Victorinox Altmont 3.0 at Lifestyle & Heritage Co.

Shop this latest Victorinox luggage collection and benefit from in-house product expertise and warranty support.

Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Flapover Expandable Laptop Backpack

When all you need is everything to be productive, then all you need is your Altmont™ 3.0. Flapover Laptop Backpack. It's got room for everything digital – laptop, tablet, accessories.

Was: £85.00
Now: £75.00 Sale
Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Flapover Monosling Backpack

If you're going to reach out and grab life, you better keep your hands free. That's why we created the Altmont™ 3.0. Dual-Compartment Monosling Backpack.

Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Orbital Waist Pack (Black) (1)

Keep all your essentials close at hand. Or more specifically – at your hip.

Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Slimline Laptop Backpack

The Victorinox Altmont™ 3.0. Slimline Laptop Backpack is designed for the shoulders of the most active people. Its ergonomic straps and lightweight materials make it easy and comfortable to carry.



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