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Shop our range of unique men's leather jackets, including leather flying jackets and vintage and modern leather biker jackets. All of our jackets are sourced from their original countries of manufacture and are carefully selected for their quality and tradition.

'Dean' Men's Sheepskin Flying Jacket

This is our newest Men's Sheepskin Flying jacket, 'Dean', released for 2015. We are delighted to offer this jacket, which offers a contemporary style to our sheepskin range.

Was: £335.00
Now: £239.00 Sale
Men's Classic Blouson Leather Jacket

This is our popular classic blouson leather jacket in soft Nappa leather. An excellent everyday wardrobe staple.

Men's Classic Leather Biker Jacket

This is our popular classic men's leather biker jacket, a perennial classic which has stood the test of time. 

Was: £158.00
Now: £129.00 Sale
Men's Classic Leather Jacket

This is our popular classic leather jacket in soft leather, manufactured in Cambridgeshire. An excellent everyday wardrobe staple.

Was: £155.00
Now: £139.00 Sale
Simmons-Bilt Classic Biker Jacket

Simmons-Bilt Classic Biker jacket– the classic 1950's biker jacket.

Simmons-Bilt Half-Belt Jacket

This classic civilian Jacket was first created in the 30’s, and again many manufacturers have interpreted and recreated this iconic style ever since. 

Simmons-Bilt Roadster Jacket

The Simmons-Bilt Roadster is a classic civilian jacket. The jacket features three outer pockets, two side pockets and one breast pocket with a brass zip. 

Simmons-Bilt Wool Donkey Jacket

Scotland's Alexander Leathers fully-tailored classic wool and leather 'Donkey Jacket'. A superb addition to this home-grown premium jacket range.

Was: £300.00
Now: £290.00 Sale
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