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 Made-in-Scotland; Simmons-Bilt  produce labour-intensive, hand-made classic jackets using the finest quality materials available. Simmons-Bilt specialise in re-creating the highest quality garments available today. 

Originally established in California in the early 1900's, Simmons Bilt created some iconic leather jackets that today are very rare to find. 

The newly branded Simmons Bilt Clothing Company, now established in Scotland, combines the spirit of heritage and authenticity using traditional craftsmanship, a tip of the hat to the artisans of old.


We provide after-sales assistance on all of our jackets, including adjustment as necessary.

All of our garments are hand-made from scratch. Typically we are able to send out garments within two weeks from ordering. We will ensure the perfect fit is achieved by asking just a few straightforward questions.

You do not need to be an expert tailor to order!

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