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Red Canoe

Boeing Heritage Stow Bag
This classic Boeing stow bag features the Boeing Company logo and authentic patches. Authentic Boeing-licenced product.
Was: £84.79
Now: £72.25 Sale
Boeing Totem Vintage Shoulder Bag

Made of hearty cotton twill, this vintage-inspired Boeing shoulder bag is good for more than just carrying mail

Was: £44.84
Now: £38.21 Sale
Canada Field Patch Cardigan (Slim)

A highly sought-after Red canoe Cardigan; a signature Canadian classic which reflects, with pride, Canadian heritage in beautiful quality.

Was: £73.81
Now: £62.90 Sale
Canada Field Patch Shoulder Bag

This sturdy cotton twill vintage shoulder bag is inspired by a Canadian 1950′s hunting satchel. 

Was: £39.85
Now: £33.96 Sale
CBC Radio Canada Kit Bag

The CBC Stow fits a headset, navigational tools and your pilot operating handbook as easily as your gym gear.

Cessna Official Polo Shirt

Our latest collection of products at Lifestyle and Heritage Co, LHCo,  designed for the Cessna aircraft enthusiast reflects a pilot’s passion for flight. This is a beautiful Cessna Polo, from the Official Cessna collection.

Was: £44.89
Now: £38.25 Sale
Red Canoe Official Cessna Full Zip Sweatshirt

The Official Full Zip Cessna Sweatshirt with appliqué and embroidered patches is an indispensable vintage quality classic.

Was: £89.00
Now: £59.00 Sale
Red Canoe Official Cessna Stow Bag

Our most popular weekend bag; our Cessna Vintage Kit Bag is made from heavy cotton twill, brass hardware and heavy YKK zipper. 

Red Canoe Official Lockheed Kit Bag

Inspired by the world fastest air-breathing manned aircraft this sturdy kit bag features the vintage Lockheed and the Skunk Works logo. 

Was: £89.00
Now: £65.00 Sale
Red Canoe Official NASA Training Backpack

Reach for the stars- this is our new NASA Rocket Science Training Kit which doubles as a NASA backpack or regular carry-bag.

Was: £79.00
Now: £65.00 Sale
Red Canoe Official USAF Kit Bag

The United States Air Force collection by Red Canoe. Officially licensed USAF merchandise designed and made in Toronto. 

Red Canoe RCAF Canadian Air Force Tote Bag
Was: £79.00
Now: £68.00 Sale
Red Canoe USAF Official Shoulder Bag

The Red Canoe USAF cross-body bag features historic USAF emblems that have been seen on military aircraft since the 1940s.

Royal Canadian Air Force Sweatshirt

Our wonderful RCAF Full Zip Sweatshirt is an 80/20 cotton blend full zip sweatshirt. 

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