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Lifestyle and Heritage Company is a unique, family-run, boutique-style department store founded on a passion for
high quality lifestyle clothing and apparel, and heritage products which boast authentic history and roots, and an official,
authorised retailer of all our stocked brands beautiful products.
Lifestyle & Heritage Co. (LHCo) brings your passions and interests into your daily life by delivering stylish clothing and accessories from brands steeped in history, nostalgia and which are generally interesting! We hope customers can find ways to express their interests and personalities by the types of products we sell. 
We supply clothing and accessories of the highest quality, evocative of memories, pleasures, and steeped in heritage and roots; be they classic urban outfitters, or brands born at the seaside for a flavour of the British coast. 
Our aim is to continually try to find 'pure origin' products with some pedigree. 
Our products are:
Evocative - speaking to your interests and passions and bringing these into your daily wardrobe, or as part of your
Heritage-based - we carefully select brands which deliver a quality piece, based on manufacturing heritage, or driven by a
particular background. 
Premium quality - whether direct from our authorised range of iconic brands, or from small 'cottage' businesses; we refuse all but the highest bar of quality on our goods.
All direct from source - We do not sell 'seconds' and we are an authorised retailer of every brand in store. All items are stocked in our North-London based warehouse for immediate despatch. 
Our departments stock products which reflect western outdoor life; be they coastal marine products, Jermyn Street
tailoring, preppy campus jerseys through to beautiful heritage furnishings. They're practical, too, especially our sailing clothing, designed to take you to marine extremes!
" We believe that your pastimes interests play a crucial part in your life; and the items you choose to wear, or surround yourself with have the ability to enhance your connection to your interests, and enhance your lifestyle.  "
We subscribe to the William Morris quote; slightly amended to read; "have nothing in your lives which you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
"Our customers want to make a style statement reflective of their backgrounds and interests; Lifestyle and Heritage Co. exists to enable this. "
Our passion for our products and our service:
A family-run business, we thrive on finding hidden treasures and unique items; be
they antique one-off finds, or specialist, premium items available from
smaller manufacturers. We love what we sell and hope you will, too!
We support small business, as well as giving the opportunity to buy respected
branded clothing and accessories at excellent value, and delivered with a
professionalism of service built on many years in retail. Be part of our passion in running our boutique store.
Our quality of service reflects and befits the quality of our products, and the discerning taste of our customers. We add to the value of your purchase with a friendly, conscientious and proactive approach to service. 
Our Goals:
The Goal of Lifestyle & Heritage Company is to find unique, special apparel which reflects outdoor lifestyles, and
represents heritage. We believe our work supports smaller brands, and those which seek to promote the roots of the creators, preserving their heritage. 
We want our customers to be able to wear their interests and lifestyles on their sleeves; so to bring a little extra pleasure to life, and reflect pastimes in your daily lives. 
Our hope is that our service and changing product range will tempt you back time and again and that we can form a long-lasting relationship with our customers. 
Who we are and our background:
We are a family-run company. We have worked in retail for over 15 years, and decided to bring and share our love of
lifestyle products into a boutique- style approach more akin to the high street shops of yesteryear. 
How we do it: 

We strive to provide the most personal shopping experience you would expect from a premium boutique store. We bring sophisticated online retail techniques to a small-boutique style business. We are a 'boutique-department store', selling in key departments online; in our Accessories, Homeware, and Clothing ranges. You will find a beautiful range, from Wellies to Suitcases.


Where did LHCo come from, and why did we start?

We have twenty-years' experience in retail as a family including 5 years working for a nautical clothing brand. Collectively we have worked in the fashion industry for 20 years.

We have decided to bring these skills into a smaller company, ensuring we operate a very fluid and customer-oriented Company, which we enjoy everyday. We take on and support people looking to work in this industry and provide opportunities for apprenticeships. 


While on holiday in the UK, in Salcombe, Devon and also Burnham Overy-Staithe, Norfolk; we were delighted by the

coastal heritage reflected in the new and growing range of products for sale in local stores which reflected the local

heritage of these places. We admired the products of Quba and Crew Clothing Company, represented in these

locations and both being founded in Salcombe. 


We decided our store should reflect three aspects of lifestyle; Countryside, Urban, Water, and even Air. We have sought to represent the leading brands which capture the heritage and essence of these. In April 2014 we proudly added GANT to our range, in order to represent the Urban, 'preppy' look, as well as GANT's superb classic clothing range which spans lifestyles. 


In June 2014 we added Joules to our range; a brand which is truly modern in its representation of our English

countryside heritage, whilst adding a splash of colour. 


Why choose LHCo for your online shopping?


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Our 'bread-and-butter' has been in online retail since 2000. Trust in our experience in running our latest online boutique!

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