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In 2015, don't worry about the size of your cabin bag!
This year DELSEY is adding removable wheels to two cabin bags to let you go from a standard airline to a low-cost airline without changing bag. The name of this collection? U-LITE CLASSIC, the new travelling companion for all the family.

Most low-cost airlines will only accept cabin bags with a maximum height of 50cm, while the standard airlines support a height of 55cm, which means you have to have more than one suitcase. 

DELSEY makes life easier for you with removable wheels. From now on, your 55cm U-LITE CLASSIC with wheels - and 50cm without - lets you travel with any airline without losing space inside! 

The principle is simple: Remove the four wheels by pressing the button on each one and put them in the bag provided, then put it in your cabin bag or your suitcase before you get on board!

American airlines accept cabin bags upto 60cm high, while the standard international airlines will only accept a maximum height of 55cm outside the USA. 

With the U-LITE CLASSIC 60cm you can go from an american airline to an international airline without any worries: the wheels come off with one click and your case loses 5cm of its height. 

You've now got a 55cm high bag.

See all the current airline luggage regulations here and choose the U-LITE CLASSIC case you like best. 
Have a great trip!




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