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As the original shirtmakers since 1949, we’d like to think we know a thing or two about how to design a seriously stylish shirt. At GANT, we see the shirt as perhaps the most versatile item in every wardrobe. The shirt is often seen as just a simple layering piece, but it’s really so much more than that. Pair with your favorite jeans and a fitted blazer, or let it peek out from under your go-to sweater. Whatever the occasion, a GANT shirt always has you covered.

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Sleeves rolled, collar popped, tucked in, left out – no matter your style, a GANT shirt always delivers. As the original shirtmakers since 1949, we’re just as passionate about our shirts today as we were almost 70 years ago.


The shirt maketh the man – and the woman. That’s why the right shirt size and fit, when it comes to your personal style, is of the utmost importance.


What makes a great-fitting shirt? At GANT, we know that the shirt is often what makes - or breaks - a stylish ensemble. Not only do we provide a clear comparison guide on how to distinguish the differences between our signature fits, but we also offer clear instructions on how to properly measure a shirt two ways – garment measurements and body measurements.


How To Measure Your Garment

Once you’ve chosen your fit, it’s time to figure out all the sizing particulars. Take your favorite shirt and measure it accordingly. Follow these steps:

Sleeve Length: Start by unbuttoning the top button on the shirt. Measure from the center back of the collar to where the shoulder begins. Place your thumb there to secure the tape. Continue by measuring from the beginning of shoulder to the end of shoulder, take the last measurement from the end of the shoulder seam to the end of cuff. Finish by combining these measurements.

Back length: Measure from the base of the collar seam to the end of shirt.

Neck: Measure the collar size by first buttoning the shirt and laying the collar flat. Measure fom the furthest end of the buttonhole, to the middle of the button on the other side.

Chest: Lay the shirt flat with buttons closed, and measure across the chest between the lowest point of the armhole seams.

Waist: To measure the waist, find the narrowest part of shirt somewhere in the middle between chest and bottom.

Bottom: Place the measuring tape at one corner of the bottom and measure straight across to the same corner on the other side.

Now multiply your measurements by two(chest, waist, bottom).


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