Three things you didn't know about Sheepskin Slippers

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We’ve all wanted to have a snug and lovable pair of slippers that will give us faithful service and do that all important job- keep our feet warm and comfortable.

You may have steered clear of sheepskin due to the price tag and settled for synthetic highstreet offerings. But do you know what you're missing? 

We’ll give you a few reasons to why use sheepskin products. 


3 things you might not have known about Sheepskin:

1) The Natural Thermostat: It's fully breathable; these slipper boots are designed to keep your feet at the perfect temperature;
2) It's naturally hygienic. Lambswool has anti-bacterial qualities;
3) Naturally Orthopaedic; they can soothe the body and reduce fatigue


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Here is some more fun information: 

Number 1 The Natural Thermostat

Thousands of years of evolution have created wool fleece that completely protects sheep from the constant buffeting of freezing cold windy nights and intense daytime heat. Wool fibres actually “breathe” and have an inherent ability to act as a natural thermostat that regulate body temperature. Today, wool remains far superior to synthetic fibres because of the unique way in which it handles both temperature and moisture.

Number 2 The Ultimate in Softness and Support – Naturally Orthopaedic

Nothing soothes the body and reduces body fatigue like sheepskin. Sheepskin’s naturally crimped fibres form a springy, cushioned support that cradles your body, relieving pressure points, muscle aches and pain. Scientists have attributed this to the fact that each wool hair, or fibre, contains a three-dimensional spiralling crimp that acts like a miniature spring. This unique fibre structure is what makes a bed created out of sheepskin outperform other beds made from synthetic fibres.

Number 3 - Proven medical benefits -

Hospitals have used sheepskin products for a long time to enhance a patient’s comfort
Sheepskin can help to soothe the discomforts caused by arthritis, hip displacement, slipped disks, stiffness, and other ailments. Sheepskin is the natural sleeping aid for a better night’s rest and an excellent source of comfor

Fascinating: "Sheepskin can absorb sweat immediately and send it to the air seven times faster than synthetics".


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