Lifestyle & Heritage Company aims to be the leading online fashion e-tailer which caters for unique heritage and

lifestyle products. Our service reflects our passion for style and unique, unmissable products. 


Our passion for our products is matched only by our passion for exceptional service. We are experienced in e-retail and

bring years of experience to our customer experience.


We can't promise the earth to you, but we promise you a personal, friendly, and helpful customer experience. 


We want to offer you a shopping experience free of cares, worries and woes! Much like sailing a calm sea! 

And, we hope you will come back to visit us time and time again!


If anything goes wrong, or you need to feedback on any aspect of our service, PLEASE do so here so we can put things

right, smoothly and professionally. feedback@lifestyleheritage.co.uk


Peace of Mind: Beware false imitations!

In shopping with us, you can have the peace of mind that we are an authorised stockist of every single item we carry. Our

prices reflect this, and we ask visitors to be cautious of foreign-based websites selling similar items at prices too-good-to-

be-true. You are dealing with a British business through-and-through.


Lifestyle & Heritage Company Testimonials

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From 2015, we're partnered with independent, and European-leader eKomi, to collect customer feedback 




Scoot National Gold Award | 2015
Scoot is a prestigious business awards campaign to recognise and reward the successes and achievements of British businesses, large and small. 
Lifestyle and Heritage Company was awarded the National Gold Award in the category 'Online Business'. The presentation was made in the London Transport Museum, Covent Garden on April 20th. 
We are pleased to receive this award, which strengthens our resolve to continually improve our business and service, and enter more competitions in the future!





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