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 Each piece of Victorinox luggage is optimised for functionality and manoevrebility, so you can move through the airport with ease. And of course, they're built to stand up to the harsh journey your luggage takes from check-in to baggage reclaim. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Dufour' 3-Way 13 Laptop Pack

The Victorinox Dufour 3-Way Pack is stylish in multiple dimensions. It's an expandable, three-way laptop pack, which means you can stow your laptop and a whole lot more. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Dunant' Essential Tote

If staying stylish is part of how you get the job done, you need a compact daily-carry bag like the Victorinox Dunant Essentials Tote. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Rappard' Satchel W/Expansion

The Victorinox Rappard Satchel is a lightweight and stylish companion, no matter what happens. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Rousseau' Fold Top Duffel

In the Victorinox Rousseau, you'll find a multipurpose, roll-top bag that serves as the perfect companion for a day out or an overnight excursion. 

Victorinox Architecture Urban 'Voltaire' Tote/Backpack

There's a wealth of style and functionality in the Victorinox Voltaire Tote / Backpack. Whether you use it as a bag or wear it as a backpack, the Voltaire is the companion you've been looking for. 

Victorinox Lexicon Hardside Frequent Flyer Carry-On (Titanium)

This stylish Victroinox Lexicon Flyer Hardside Carry-On combines our practical know-how with our technical thinking. Perfect for family/ buisness travelling. 

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